10 Early Warning Signs of Lung Cancer

warning signs of lung cancer

Many people feel that when they see a lung cancer diagnosis, it feels like death sentence.  Well, it is understandable because of the face that lung cancer kills more than 13 million people in a year.  However, you can actually treat and even cure a lung cancer. It’s only in one condition, you catch it early. Based on the National Cancer Institute said that the 5-year survival rate for lung cancer that has not spread yet is slightly more than 50% as compared to nearly 4% for lung cancer that is already spread to the other part of organ systems. So, it is crucial to pay attention to these early lung cancer signs. You must be assertive about bringing anything suspicious to the attention of your doctor.

In order to pay attention to the early warning signs of lung cancer, you need to know what those are. What are the early warning signs that you could recognize as the signs of Lung cancer you might have.

Here are 10 early warning signs of lung cancer to help you:

  1. Depressions or Other Mood changes

In recent studies, it is noted that there is a surprising connection between first-time depression anxiety diagnosis and other psychiatric symptoms and lung cancer. In some cases of lung cancer patients, they discover that they have a tumor after being referred for psychiatric care. In other studies that has over 4 million correspondence, they found that when people ages 50 to 64 for the first time in their live were referred to a psychiatrist shows that the overall cancer incidence increased almost four times higher.

There are many forms of psychiatric symptoms. They are fatigue lethargy, low spirits depression characteristic, racing panicky thoughts, unexplained anger outburst, irritability, and other changes of personality. There is still no clear connection between anxiety depressions and lung cancer. But, most people may be feeling generally below an average without knowing the reasons.

  1. Frequent Illness

When people get sick very often and get caught a cold easier, it may be because of the immune system problem. The virus will be easier to get into your body when you have problem with your immune system. The immune system problem can also be the effect of cancer. When you are easy to catch a flu bronchitis or even pneumonia, the reason can be a lung cancer.  The symptoms like unrelated colds, flus, and infections must be recognized soon. The flus tend to be long lasting. It happens because lung cancer makes the lungs more susceptible to infection and illness. When you are in this situation, go speak to your doctor.

  1. Unexplained weight loss or Appetite loss

Losing weight without doing any workout or changing lifestyle could be a dream of every overweight people. However, it is just not right. When there is unexplained weight loss, you must be suspicious. I guess you need to get some explanation if this situation got into you.

When you feel like you lose interest in food or lose your appetite, and quickly feel full when eating or easily become nauseated with food, you have to pay attention to this; it might be one of the lung cancer symptoms. But, you still have to be sure about the symptoms. Make sure that it is not caused by other illness, food poisoning, or even PMS in women. When it is done, get yourself to a doctor.

  1. Abnormal Breast growth in men

Gynecomastio is also known as Breast enlargement in men. It can be an important clue to health issues we might face. Gynecomastion can occur in one breast or both. The enlargement tends to occur around and under the nipple. It happens because of the hormonal abnormality that happens inside the body relating to hormones proteins releasing. It is absolutely something to discuss with your doctor.

  1. Fatigue

A debilitating fatigue that is not associated with any clear clause is another signs of lung cancer you can recognize. It is tellingly persistent. A fatigue can be caused by other things like insomnia, overwork, overexertion and many other things explore. In order to get the correct diagnosis, describe your condition clearly to the doctor.

  1. Thickened, painful fingertips.

This fingertips condition can occur for some reasons but the most common reason is lung cancer. It is often attributed this symptoms as arthritis. Your fingertips might appear wider, raised under the nail, swollen, warm, or reddened. Sometime you will feel like you are losing fine motor skills in your hands. One of the reasons of the thickened and painful fingertips is the lack of oxygen in the blood that restrict circulation to the fingertips. It’s all because of the lung cancer.

  1. Breath shortness

Lung cancer cases that are experiences by nonsmokers account about 15% cases. The nonsmokers get the cancer because of air pollution, toxins such as radon and asbestos, and passive smoking. The breath shortness is not new symptom, it is classic but it is quite unnoticed by many people because it is so easy to attribute to the other causes. It will feel like asthma, and you will also feel the wheezy feeling in the chest.

  1. Persistent Cough

Most people do not realize that they are having these symptoms because many of them blamed it on allergies or illness. For smokers, they blame the cough on smoker’s cough. When you frequently clear your throat, and having an increased saliva production, you are probably having lung cancer warning sign. You should go speak to your doctor to get the right treatment for it.

  1. Muscle Weakness

You feel like, it is hard to do everything. Maybe, the reason of that is your muscle function got weakened. You need to describe this weakness to your doctor, and tell him specifically about the activities that you can no longer easily perform.

  1. Pain on chest, shoulder, abdominal or back

The most common information said that chest pain leads to a heart disease. Well, for now on, you need to consider lung cancer as the reason too. The pain may be in the lung area around chest, but it can also be felt in the upper back shoulder or neck. You need to get more information about this. And do not forget to talk to your doctor about this.