Best Baby’s Teething Remedies

remedies for tooth pain

When your baby winces in pain, that is the time when parenting instincts take over. You need to take care of your baby, and do things that can get away the pain. Pain in teething will be very frustrating for babies. If your baby experiences unexpected tooth pain in the night, you could do some natural treatment to administer the pain relief until the time is right to meet with a dentist. That is for the kids who already have a complete teeth. But what about the pain that a baby has in teething. How to overcome that uncomfortable pain?

So, here are some remedies for tooth pain you can apply when you are in such situation:

Ice or Cold Things

Some cold things work goo to numb pain on a sprained ankle and reduce its swelling. It works the same way to a toothache. The cold compresses soothe sore gums. You will need a washcloth to make it to become the compressor. Put a wet washcloth in a clean plastic bag. Then, put inside the fridge and chill. Soaking it in a chamomile tea would be a great addition for an extra soothing touch. The chamomile tea is known to calm fussy babies to help them sleep. After that, put the washcloth out of the fridge and give it to your baby. Then, let your baby enjoy munching on it. It’s pretty sure that your baby would like munching on it because of the fabric massages the ridges in the gums and the cold numbs the pain.

You can also choose to have a pacifier or teether to be chilled inside the fridge. That could work too instead of washcloth. But do not freeze it or put it in the freezer, it can damage the baby’s gums. There are bunch of refrigerated teethers you can choose for your baby including the one with plastic handles that cannot cold your baby’s hand. One of teethers you might wanna consider is the liquid-filled ones. That teethers work well, but you have to keep an eye on leaks. There is also teether called firm rubber teething rings, it can be a good alternative too. Whatever variation you choose for your baby, watch for your baby and make sure she doesn’t choke as she gnaws on the other.


Babies who have tooth pain love to feel pressure on their gums. The pressure on the gums helps distract their brain from the teething pain sensation. Some babies might reject cold things. You can still trick it though. You can make it right with the room temperature. Find whatever teethers kind that works for your child. One other strategy that is worth to try is by gently rubbing your baby’s gum with a clean pinky finger.

Topical Medication

If you prefer getting medication for your child for that teething pain relief, you can easily get it in drugstore. You can get the numbing gels or creams that you rub on the gum of your baby for relieving. Ask the seller about the proper creams for children. Make sure that the medication you buy is not containing benzocaine. Based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they warn benzocaine to be used on children under 2. If it is crucial, you should get the doctor’s guidance first.

The minus of this kind of topical medication, it’s not gonna stay where you put it before. Even if you rub it at the exact desired spot on the gums, the baby might swallow it without you even realize. It can give a bad effect to the baby’s throat, and it could also choke the baby.


If none of those things above do not work on your child, you should probably visit the doctor. Most doctors will recommend you to try an over-the-counter painkiller like acetaminophen. This painkiller should be discussed with doctor before giving to a child. Doctor would give the information about the proper painkillers and the right dosage, especially the children below 2 years old.

There is another option you can try, especially for babies at least 6 month old. You can try ibuprofen for reducing inflammation in the baby’s gum. Be careful, this kind of medication can irritate the stomach that can be a problem if your baby is refusing to eat because that’s what teething babies do.

Do not give an aspirin to your baby or even just rubbing it on the gums. It is quite dangerous for your babies. If your baby has a persistent fever or experience symptoms that is not normal for teething babies, call the doctor immediately.

Homeopathic Remedies

A Homeopathic remedy is a highly diluted substance that is known to cause the symptoms you are trying to cure. The concept is that a tiny amount of an active substance that can higher-level toxic would stimulate healing. There are some teething drops and tables that is homeopathic that is used by some parents.

However, many researches that this remedies have no effect. Some experts say, the risk of these treatments have no potential benefits. These homeopathic remedies are not evaluated by the FDA for the effectiveness and safety just like other prescription and over-the-counter medication are. So, it’s highly recommended that you discuss with your children’s doctor before using a homeopathic remedies or products.


Despite all of those remedies, you must know what the signs of teething in baby. As we know that baby feels uncomfortable experiencing this teething process. Here are the signs of teething that your baby probably experience. They are drooling, gum swelling and sensitivity, biting behavior, irritability, refusing food, and sleep problems. You have to keep in mind that vomiting, fever, and diarrhea is not coming from teething. If your baby has those symptoms that are not coming from teething, go call a doctor.

It is really important to keep your baby’s teeth clean. As soon as the teeth appear, brush them twice a day with a baby-size toothbrush and a smear of toothpaste. You can increase the amount of the tooth paste when your baby is 2 years old and so.