Birth Control That Helps You Lose Weight

Birth Control That Helps You Lose Weight

Most women who are taking oral contraceptive has weight gain complaint.  Based on the research from Mayo clinic, birth control pills does net effect whether it is weight gain or weight loss. What makes they think they are gaining weight from taking that pills is an illusion. Yes, it’s the side effect. One of the side effects is creating illusion of weight gain. Getting rid of this side effect and following a exercise and food plan can’t only help they avoid weight gain, but also help you lose some weight while on the pill.

According to Bariatric surgeon Dr. Carson Liu, combination pills may lead to weight gain because of the individual hormones action. Birth control pills contain estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is the cause of salt and water retention and the Progesterone can make you feel hungry. Those factors could lead to the weight gain that you do not want.


Here few steps you can do in order to lose weight while on birth control or the pills.

Pills with low estrogen.

You have to choose the pills or birth control that is low in estrogen. Get the pills with estrogen as low as possible. It is because sometime estrogen increases your fat cell’s size. That situation makes you feel that you have gained weight. But, you are actually not. By switching the current pills with the low-estrogen ones would be the right thing to do to maintain your weight during birth control. You can go visit a doctor to help you find the right pills for you.

Plenty of Fluids

You need to drink a lot of fluids. Birth control pills could cause water retention and bloating some women. This water retention may be the gain you get for your weight. According to the Mayo clinic, when people increase their fluid consumption, they will be helped flushing excess water from the system and prevent more water retention. Start to establish the right fluid balance for yourself; you will get rid of these excess water weights.

Caloric Intake

Ensure monitor the caloric intake you take per day. The birth control pills surely increase appetite in some women. Without realizing it, you may eat more calories than before because of the increase appetite. You can use some program such as daily plate to track the calories amount you eat. Then, you compare that to the calories amount you burn. Along with that, you can adjust your daily physical activity to strike the right balance for losing weight steadily.

Hormonal Stability

You should take your pills at the same time every day for hormonal stability. It would affect your mood sense of well-being shifts, as the hormones shift. Hormonal stability can cause fatigue and changes in appetite. Your exercise routine would be disturbed by the lack of energy and emotional eating caused by it.


Do workouts more. the increasing appetite surely will affect the food you need to feel satisfied. You have to balance intake with doing workout more than before. If you are not an experienced in appetite increased, doing workouts more will burn additional calories you take. That could support the weight loss efforts you are on.

Muscle mass

One thing you could do to lose weight is to gain muscle mass. By lifting weights, you could gain muscle mass. It will increase your metabolism. Muscle mass can also help you burn more calories through daily activities in a natural way. The birth control pills have testosterone-like effect on some women. It enables them to gain muscle mass naturally easy.

Here are other extra steps that might work too:

–  You can switch to a single hormone in order to help you get rid of the gaining weight from birth control problems.

– Talk to your doctor about getting alternative birth control instead of pills.

– If you still want to take the pills, you need to balance it by losing some weight in working outs,.


There are 5 myths about the birth control pills you might wanna recognize:

– Gaining weight

Well, it is actually a myth. The truth is that it depends on your prescription. There are some research also that found there are no evidence that birth control causes weight gain. If you are concerned about this, please talk to your doctor.

– Breastfeeding is no need of birth control

Well, it is absolutely wrong. Exclusively, breastfeeding can suppress the hormones from pituitary gland that make you ovulate. It happens only you breastfeeding without supplementing with formula.

– Harder to get pregnant

It might be mind-blowing but it’s a myth. It is actually possible to get pregnant as soon as you stop consuming birth control pills. This is for all hormonal contraceptives, except Depo-Provera shot. It takes up to 6-9 months for all hormones in the shot to leave your body before the fertility is restored. With that being said, it is very possible to get pregnant during this time. I suggest you do not count on this buffer period for contraception. After all, for the long term, birth control will not screw your fertility.

– Newer birth control forms are not safe

The myth is some newer birth control like Yasmin, Yaz, or NuvaRing, come with more hormones and more health risks than the old standbys. But, the truth is that the newer the birth control, the fewer hormones it has. Some studies may have shown a risk little higher in blood clots for women who is taking the newer birth control forms. Although, the increase is extremely low. It is still much lower than your developing a clot while pregnant risk.

Finally, there are some other myths that you might want to know about. I recommend you search other information about it to make sure you have the right facts. The facts that are based on the research not based on the opinion without research.