Do These Simple Steps to Keep Bed Bugs Away

how to keep bedbugs away

Cimex lectularius or bed bugs are tiny little insects. Human and other mammals’ blood is their food source. They live in dry, warm places like mattress, rugs, and upholstered furniture. They usually come out at down to get some food. If your baby’s bed has bed bugs, he probably gets bitten by the bugs. Do not worry, their bite is painless, so it does not wake up your baby while sleeping. But the bad side is that the bit will cause itchiness in a quite high level. Although the bite does not wake him up, the itchiness will definitely wake your baby up. The red or pink bump will come up, usually in clusters or lines. Bed bugs are not gonna spread blood-borne diseases to your baby, but it does make baby scratching at bites, that could cause secondary skin infections.

Having bed bugs can be very frustrating. It becomes the most difficult pest problems to quickly get rid of. So far, the best solution for bed bugs is to call a professional from a pest control company that has good reputations on controlling bed bugs. Calling a pest control company can be another problem for your family because of the expensive price that it has. If you are looking for something that is not required a lot of money to control bed bugs, there are still things you could do. Something likes a do-it-yourself bed bug control. With patience, diligence, and some hard work, you may be able to control the bed bugs yourself with no need of Pest Company involved.

Many people use pesticides to control bed bugs. The use of pesticides alone is not really the answer. Pesticides must be used with attention to proper application and care for safety in order to get it effective. One of the ineffective pesticides that are mostly used is Aerosol. It is not effective for bed bugs because Aerosol insecticides mainly kill exposed insects not the one that is hidden behind baseboards, in bed cracks and crevices, walls, and under the carpet. So, use the right pesticides and do it right.


Here are some DIY bed bug control steps:

You need to determine the infested rooms, the rooms that need to be clean from bed bugs. The most important room to clean bed bugs are bedrooms. The second most important rooms are living rooms; it has sofas and sofa beds. You should start with bedrooms then moves to the next rooms along the way. You should do it as soon as possible, the sooner you get the easier the bed bugs gone. Do not wait too long, it may cause the bed bugs to be spread out.

Some people just wanna throw away their bed because of the frustrating bed bugs problem. Well, you do not to do that because it is not cheap to replace new bedding. The new bedding does not mean it could not be re-infested. You’d better spend the money in hiring a professional from Pest Company. That would be worth it.

One of the most effective steps is to stay in your own bed or place to sleep. You need to create a safe place to sleep. Staying in your own bed will decrease the risk of bed bugs to be spread all over the house. It is very important, because when you move to sleep in other room, the bed bugs will follow you and stick in other bed you sleep on. Then, you will have bed bugs in multiple rooms. Just stay in one bed for your daily sleep.

In order to create a safe place to sleep, you will need some simple things like these:

– Stripping, Vacuuming, and Encasing

First, you need to double bag your bedding and wash it with hot water, and then dry it for around 30 minutes. While waiting it dried, vacuum the suspected bed bugs from the bed. Then, take out your vacuum, and remove and discard the bag at the outdoors. Buy a good quality bed-bug-proof encasements set for the mattresses. The encasements are fabric sacks where you slide your mattress into. Those are designed to be tight enough to avoid the all bed bugs from escaping. Also, the bed-bug-proof encasements will protect you from the bite. You can get it on Walmart, or some other stores. You can also search it online with the keyword “bed bug mattress protectors”.

– Killing all Bed Bug All Over the bed

Vacuuming alone does not help you kill the bed bug completely because vacuuming does not removing the eggs. To support the vacuum, you will need insecticide sprays. It will help you treat every crevice and void in your bed. But you have to keep in mind, that insecticides can be hazardous, be sure to check the label directions before using it. Buy the legal products of insecticides; it would reduce the hazardous chances.

– Isolating your bed

One of the things you could do to create a safe place to sleep is to do isolation for your bed. You need to isolate it from the rest of the house. If you the bed or mattress that stand on its frame, you are in the right track. It is not recommended to have the mattress directly on the floor. The bed bugs could be easily infesting. After you have the frame, do not forget to install bed bug interceptors under the bed frame feet to keep the bed bugs away. An interceptor is not hard to make. It is just as simple as a sticky card placed under a bed post. You can make it yourself. If you do not want to make one, you still can get it on the store. The product is named The Climbup Bed bug interceptor and Blackout bedbug detector. You can search it online if you want more information about it.


Well, all of those steps are very effective to take care of your house. Those steps are proven in so many households. You can apply it by yourself. All of those steps are for you who do not want to hire professional to clean the bed bugs for you. But, if you have to budget for it, just let the professionals do the work.