Gastric Balloon inside Stomach Procedure, Is It Good for Weight Loss?

balloon in stomach weight loss

One of the newest methods of surgical weight loss is to insert a balloon inside the stomach. Actually, it is called a gastric balloon or endoscopic intra gastric balloon. Gastric balloon is a temporary weight loos procedure. When the balloon is inserted, you will feel full of eating sooner than normal. So, you do not need to eat a lot to get you feel full. A durable balloon made of silicon will be placed inside the stomach. This balloon placing leads to significant short-term weight loss.

If you are still in consideration of whether this balloon is good for you or not, you are reading the right article. We provide you with the information about everything you need to know relating to gastric balloon surgery.

Weight Loss

Getting balloon in your stomach doesn’t mean that you do not need to work out or eat healthy meal to lose weight. You still have to do workout and eating right amount of calories to get it worked well. Use the gastric balloon together with strong diet and exercise program to get an effective weight loss result. People who already use the balloon lose about 26 percent to 46 percent of their excess weight.

If you are not satisfied with the result you get from gastric balloon procedure, you can try other weight loss surgery procedures that may be more aggressive such as gastric sleeve, gastric banding, or gastric bypass. All of that gastric stuff are safe. If you lose 7% to 10% body weight before applying this more aggressive procedure, you will reduce the complications risk, significantly.

The gastric balloon surgery is for you who are not able to commit to full bariatric surgery. It may be a good short-term and starter option. But, what about do jump-start? Is it okay not to begin with the balloon but straight to the more aggressive method? It is all based on your health condition. Go speak to your doctor.


Health Benefits

Gastric balloon patients are more likely to see health improvements than people who don’t choose to be ballooned. Generally, the weight loss between 5% and 10% could reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.



There are some requirements you need to face in order to qualified to do gastric balloon surgery procedure. Here are three requirements that I’m talking about:

– You need to be above 18 years old.

– You must have a health risk associated with obesity like diabetes, sleep apnea or hypertension. It is also known as comorbidity.

– Calculate your BMI using BMI calculation. You will be qualified to have gastric balloon if only you BMI’s ranging is from 30-40 in result.

This gastric balloon procedure is not recommended for people who have abnormal condition that is related to surgery, Potential bleeding of upper GI, or any other medical condition that is not suitable for endoscopy. You can’t be ready for gastric balloon if you are addictive to drug or alcohol. The pregnant or breastfeeding women are also not suitable for gastric balloon.


Everything has a risk, so it would be better for you to consider getting insurance. Most of the procedures are not come within the procedure. So, I guess you need to control it yourself by getting some insurance.

There are some reasons of why there is no policies that mentioned about intragastric balloon. It is also because of that gastric balloon has not been around long enough


First, the balloon is introduced into your stomach by swallowing it. There is an endoscopic camera inside the stomach brought by the balloon. Doctor checks for abnormalities that might happen inside the stomach through the camera. When the balloon is all inside with the camera, then the doctor fills a sterile saline solution. It is filled through a small filling that is attached to the balloon. And then, the tube is removed by the doctor. And now, there are only the balloon that left.

All of the procedure is done by a qualified specialist gastroenterologist. There are others like anesthetist and trained nursing staff to help the doctor at several day surgeries or private hospital. The balloon placement takes about 20 minutes. In 2 hours after balloon insertion, the patients can go home.


There are a lot of questions asked about this relatively new procedure, here is the answers:

The balloon stays inside for how long?

You need to wait until siz month to have it removed. If your doctor suggest you to have it more then 6 months. The doctor would replace the balloon with a new one when it meets six-month interval.

How do I know when it deflates?

The doctor would place the colored dye inside the balloon. With the dye, you could clearly see early deflation or leakage. For example, if the color is blue, then you will have a blue urine too when the balloon spontaneously. When you know it deflates, you need to see a doctor to take the deflated balloon out.

What is the side effect?

Some people would get nausea and vomiting for a few days after the placement. The vomiting effect is based on the intensity. Do not worry, you can get the prescription to deal with the side effect.

How long is the recovery?

To recover from procedure, you need to plan at least three days of inactivity to recover from those gastric balloon procedures. After three days, you will be able to resume normal activity in the near future.

Should visit doctor more often after surgery?

It is a must to get the expert’s advices to continue. From the advices, you are in learning of new lifestyle skills. You should meet the doctor at least once a month. You can learn valuable principles of health, neutrino and exercise. It leads you to a a long-term success.

Do your procedures limit your activities?

The first week after insertion, you are not recommended to do any heavy activities. It needs time to adjust the balloon to your body. When it is adjusted already, continue to your normal activities.