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how to get rid of mites on humans

Mites are tiny arthropods that are closely related to ticks. The larvae of mite have six legs while the adult one named nymphal have eight legs. Most species of mites are agricultural crops pest. However, there is some particular mites types are parasitic on humans. Having a mites on the skin is quite frustrating, you really want to know how to get rid of mites on humans. But before that, you need to know the three common parasitic mites on human and how to take over it.



  1. Chiggers

Chiggers are also known as red bugs. The adult chiggers are often seen running over pavement and lawns. It is hard to see chiggers without magnification because of the extremely small size of them. The larvae of chiggers are hairy and orange or light red in color.

You can find them outdoors in low, damp places where grass and weeds are overgrown, and where vegetation is rank. Some species of chiggers also infest drier areas; it will make it hard to predict where the chiggers infest.

Most people react to chigger’s bite by developing reddish welts in 24 hours. There will be an intense itching along with the welts. If it is not treated, it will persist for a week or longer. The bites are commonly taking place around the waistline, ankles, armpits, or other areas.

The chiggers’ bites tend to occur in the spot where clothing fits tightly against the skin. The intense itching that this mite produces will lead your skin to an infection and sometimes fever. However, chiggers are not known as a disease transmitter.

You can prevent chiggers’ infestation by protecting with treating clothing such as cuffs, waistline, socks, and sleeves when you are walking in chigger-infested areas. When you get infested by chigger, you need to take a soapy bath immediately and apply antiseptic to any welts.

  1. Human Scabies

It is also called sarcoptic itch mites or scientifically called Sarcoptes scabei. It infest the various animal skin including human skin. One of the scabies can be temporarily transferred to humans from dogs that cause itching and lesions on the chest, forearms, and waist.

Human scabies are really small and rarely seen. The skin spot that is commonly attacked is between fingers’ skin, bend of elbow and knee, breasts, shoulder blades, and the penis.

This kind of mites is transmitted by close personal contact such as sleeping in the same bed. When you get infested with scabies, you should be handled as a medical problem. It should be readily diagnosed and treated by most physicians.

The first thing you have to do when you get infested is to softening the skin with soap and water in order to make sure the pesticide treatments can penetrate well. There are some commonly used products that can help you get rid of the mite’s infestation. You can just buy it in the drugstore and apply it by following the directions on the package of the product carefully.

  1. Bird and Rodent Mites

Bird and rodent mites occasionally infest buildings. These mites normally live on the host or in their nests. It can migrate to other areas of the structure when the animal dies or the nest is abandoned.

People can be attacked by these mites that are searching for an alternate food source. Their bites can cause moderate to intense itching and irritation. The size of bird and rodent mites are just like the other mites which is very tiny. Usually, you can see it without a magnification.

The first thing you need to do to prevent these mites is to take control on the host animals and also remove the nesting sites. You can search the nest all around your house.

The nest often took place in the attic, in the gutters or chimney, or around the eaves and rafters. Don’t forget to use gloves when dealing with it. After you remove the nest, you have to give it an extra treatment by spraying and dusting it with a residual insecticide, the one that labeled for flea control.

When the mite infestation has widely dispersed, you need to increase the intensity of the treatment, get more and more intensive in treating it. If the mites are crawling on open surfaces, just use a vacuum cleaner or an alcohol-moistened cloth.


There are 7 home remedies you could apply in order to get rid of those mites. This is home remedies of how to get rid of mites on humans.

– Cayenne Pepper

It has a chemical called capsaicin. It is a chemical that reduces pain sensations when applied on the skin that get bite from mites. Capsaicin that is contained in cayenne can also relieve itching.

– Anise Seed Oil

The oil that is extracted from anise seed can be used topically to treat scabies and other human mites.

– Tiger Balm

This is just for a relief during the waiting period after conventional treatment. You can kill the itch mites or cure scabies infestation with only tiger balm.

– Neem oil

With the neem oil, you can prevent the mite from growing and breeding. Neem oil is also known as the mites killer. It is like the perfect treatment for scabies symptoms.

– Rosemary Oil

The rosemary oil will decrease the pain and prevent the development of secondary infections from mites. When it is combined with clove oil, there will be a more significant result.

– Clove Oil

This oil is commonly known as the scabies blisters and rashes drier. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

– Tea tree Oil

When the oil is applied topically, it can fight scabies mites and parasites. It has a chemical called terpenoids that are anti