Hot Flashes, Understanding and Getting Rid of Them

Menopause is a life fact for all women. It does happen, whether you are scary or not. One of the most common complaints about menopause is hot flashes. This symptom is uncomfortable for all women. It affects about three-quarters of all women in the time before the actual menopause, Perimenopause. Women will have hot flashes for 6 months to 5 years and even longer, once they have reach menopause. Well, let’s get to know about hot flashes first.

What is it ?

A Hot flash is a feeling of intense heat that is caused by internal sources. You can feel it when it’s coming on, sometime it appears suddenly. The feelings you will experience is tingling fingers, faster heart beating, sudden warm skin, flushed face, and upper body sweating. All of those are the hot flash symptom.

Hot flashes most likely happen because of the hormonal changes in your body. Some women consider them as a minor annoyance because of not noticing what it is. Some other people feel that hot flashes affect their quality of life negatively.


What triggers hot flash

The triggers may be slightly different with one another.  Here are the most common triggers based on most women’s experiences:

– drinking alcohol

– Consuming caffeine or the product that contains

– Wearing Tight clothing

– Being in a hot room

– Eating spicy food

– Actively or passively smoking

– Feeling stressed


Because some women have their own symptoms and triggers, we suggest you begin to keeping journal about that. You can start by writing down what you are doing, drinking, eating, feeling or wearing when hot flash is coming. After some weeks, you will see the pattern clearly, and that helps you avoid certain triggers.


Relieving Hot Flashes

Start it in a simple way. You can use this simple technique to manage your hot flashes; it’s supported with simple tools too. Here they are:

You need to dress in layers. You can adjust your clothing based on how you are feeling. When the hot flash happens, try sipping ice water immediately. That could relieve the flashes. So, it is highly recommended to set the ice pack ready on your bedside table. One other thing you could do is using bed linens and wearing cotton night clothes.


Supplements and Herbs

You may wanna visit and discuss your health with your doctor. Your doctor will advise you to take a supplement based on your health. Supplements help you manage hot flashes. Some supplement products can interfere with prescription and over-the-counter medications. Beside supplements, herbal products could help too. Here are some herbal products you can take;

– Black Cohosh. (Do not take this if you have a liver disorder)

– Red Clover. (it could Increasing chance of bleeding)

– Dong quai

– Evening primrose oil

– Soy (it can cause diarrhea and mil stomachaches)

All of them have side effects, so you need to consume it based on your health. So, check it with your doctor before consuming the products.

 Natural relief

The foundation for relief of hot flashes is Protein. In order to support it, you need to consume healthy fats, high-fiber phytonutrients, and balanced nutrition for hormonal balance.


The situation surroundings and the foods you digest will affect your hormones. It’s because women’s body involve complicated balance of hormones. If you want a healthy hormonal and emotional balance, you have  to ingest healthy foods inside your body. The nutritious foods supplies all raw materials your nerve-hormone. You need to wisely include some protein with each meal and snack you eat. It is because protein is one of the raw materials you have to take to make and balance hormones.

Snack foods and beverages

You can reset your hormonal balance by having these foods below:

– Roasted soy nuts with sea salt seasonings,

– Raw broccoli, and celery sticks with Creamy dip

– A bowl of oatmeal with 2 tbsp flax seeds and soy milk as the topping

– Broccoli sprout

– Blended Icy Soy smoothie with deeply pigmented berries

– Soothing Iced or freshly steeped chamomile tea


One other simple way to increase you protein intake is by adding whole, non-GMO soy foods to your diet. Because of a lot of protein contained in soy, it regards as a superfood for menopausal women. It is highly recommended to have the smoothie for breakfast that includes soy shake.

Besides soy, you can also try this wonderful protein. It is a plant-based protein such as crushed flaz seeds, nuts, almond or cashew butter, lentils and other legumes. From those foods, you will be offered with protein, healthy fats, and fibar. It is as well as additional phytochemicals that the body needs. It needs to synthesize, properly metabolize and make sure the hormones to be balanced. From animal, there are some animals’ sources you might wanna consider to have. The wild-harvested seafood grass-fed meat, eggs, and yogurt. Those are great examples of Protein animal sources.

 Fat is essential

Woman need fat to balance hormone in menopause. It is pretty important. Most women do not want to consume foods with fat, because simply they do not want to be fat. You need to know that fat is not gonna make you fat as long as you consume the healthy fats. So, healthy fats won’t make you fat. One of the most important types of fat is cholesterol. Most people think that cholesterol is bad. Actually, not all cholesterol is bad. Some other cholesterol will make you stay healthy.

 Nutrition balance

Your body needs its vital nutrients store to be refilled daily. It is so important during menopause. To regulate healthy hormonal and the balance of neurotransmitter in most women, you need to begin a balanced diet of quality protein, healthy fats, and vegetables. Then, do it together with regular workouts, enough sleep, and stress reduction. You can ensure that you already covered your nutritional bases for today and tomorrow. Ensure it by taking top-quality multivitamin complex, and supplement omega-3.

Finally, if you reach your menopause you might wanna look for more information about the menopause. There are many natural ways to get rid of hot flashes. Besides hot flashes, there are night sweats and the anxiety, fatigue, irritability, and sleeplessness. So, do anything to get rid of the flashes, based on the steps or tips you think easy to apply.