How to get free braces and save a lot of money

how-to-get-free-bracesWe know that this is the time when economy is tough. That makes justifying the orthodontic braces expense harder and harder. For you who have dental insurance, you may be lucky to pay only a small part of the total cost. For you who do not have dental insurance.

It would be difficult for you, the daunting expense will attack you. The price is so expensive, for 2 years of metal braces cost between 3,500 dollars and 7,000 dollars. The price depends on your location. In urban area, the cost will be higher.


How to get free braces and save a lot of money

If you want to save money to get the metal braces for your kids in a low price, you can try some of these things:

– Call your insurance company.

Let’s hope that the health insurance you have includes dental treatment. It is because most health insurance did not cover the orthodontic treatment that is over 18 years of age. What about below 18 years of age? Yes, they cover the orthodontic treatment for kids under 18 years old. You can call your insurance company and get more information about it. So, be sure to check detail information about the health plans you get when you are signing up for health insurance in insurance company.

– Make a plan for payment

Usually, for getting braces, you can pay it like planning a car payment. You pay the down payment first than you spread the rest of the expense over one or 2 years. You can choose the down payment based on how much you have. It can be hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

You need to find out whether there is additional payment that may be possible by consulting it with the orthodontist. A lot of orthodontist work well with parents, of course if the parents pay them well. “well” here means that they are getting paid a few dollars each month. They’ll be okay with that, but some orthodontist would recommend you to pay them full upfront for a discount.

– Go to a Dentist not Orthodontist

It is because usually orthodontist charges more than dentist. But, you need to understand general dentist is not as expert as orthodontist. If you want to have the brace treated by a dentist, you need to make sure that the dentist has done some or many successful cases of braces.

Ask the dentist about how complicated the case you have in your kids. If the case you have is so complicated, doing it with general dentist is not recommended. Just go to a dentist when the teeth movement is simple. Just ask questions you wanna know about the dentist capability.


All of the things above is the plan you could take if you want to get the braces with low prices. There are still more of the plans you can choose. You can just search it online. There are a lot of programs relating to low-cost bracing. But, you have to keep in mind; it’s just saving some of your money not all. As you know, those are not how to get free braces. You actually can get the braces for free. Then, you can save all of your money from braces but it needs some efforts.

For now, It is only for you who have a state medical card or Medicaid. Medicaid has a program called DentaQuest program. This program is giving away financial aid for kids or tends who have orthodontic needs in a moderate to severe level.

Here is how Medicaid works:

If you want to get the aid, you must have a medical card from your state. In this case, we’ll talk about what happens with the program in Illinois. Medicaid program will give you medical card if you join.

This program really helps families in getting their health insurance for their kids at a low cost and even for free. The Medicaid will assess if the parents qualify to be joined in the program based on the income of the family. The parents can apply online and get the medical card once it’s approved.

After the approval, you need to schedule a visit to the orthodontics that the program referred. If the medical card treatment is qualified, they will continue to begin the examination the teeth.

From there, the orthodontist will decide whether the kids need braces or not. The examination includes dental X-rays. After that, it will be pre-approved based on the advanced analysis.

Now, your kid is approved for braces. The program staff will set up the plan for the treatment. They will decide the right braces for the kid. It can be metal braces, ceramic braces, or invisalign.

If you want the braces to be free, the family income will decide whether you are eligible or not. If you are not eligible enough, you still get the braces at a low cost. So, do not have to be really worried about it. Be sure to ask many questions to get detailed information about the payment.

There bunch of movement or charity program that gives free braces to your kids. Some of them are in the websites. One of them is You need to fill out an online form to receive a list of doctors with free braces nearby. This website has some information of how to get the free braces in your area.

So, this will be very helpful. Another one is This website is only serving for the state of Illinois. So, if you live there, you may be lucky to get the luxury dental services for free that this website offers. You can just fill out the form in the website to get qualified.

Actually, there are still some programs you might wanna check for low cost or free braces. Each program has its own requirements to be qualified to the program. As I said before, saving money requires a hard work. The step of how to get free braces is quite simple if there is no requirements right?