How to Lose 80 Pounds in 4 Months

Lose 80 pounds in 4 months

Losing 80 pounds in 4 months are definitely a hardworking plan. That number of pounds is not a few. It wouldn’t take a little time to get the exact result. If you have a solid plan that is based on healthy eating and a lot of workouts, it is absolutely possible. You should have a workout plan that takes into account your fitness level. Your body mass index (BMI) should be considered by your eating plan. You could target the weight-loss in 4 months, but it can be faster based on your ability and health tolerances.

What is BMI?

BMI stands from Body Mass Index. BMI are also called Quetelet Index. In definition, BMI is the body mass that is divided by the body height square. In simple words, BMI is a composition measurement of your body, whether you are normal, overweight, obese or event underweight, would be determined by BMI for your height. Where could you get a BMI? It is very easy, you can have your own DIY BMI Chart based on the real chart online, or you could just browse the BMI online calculator.

Is it safe?            

Before I begin to explain about the steps, be sure to always speak with your physician about starting a diet program. You have to consider everything you do relating to the health of your own, cause there may be some risk you will face in the process. In America, there is an association called American Obesity Association. They strongly suggest that it should operate under the health care professional supervision, especially when you cut the calories below 1.000 per day. It is to prevent the risk of net getting enough nutrients.

In fact, the people who are eating calories below 1.200 (for women) per day and 1.400 (for men) are at risk for nutritional deficences. So, to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week is safe and healthy. It means losing 80 pounds in 4 months is absolutely possible.

 What do you need?                                                                                               

In order to be success to follow the steps we’re about to exposed, you will only need two things. They are a BMI chart, and a Notebook. BMI chart is very useful for the body measurement, and the Notebook help you remember to maintain the calories.

What is the diet step?

First, you have to figure out your caloric intake per day. It is done by adding up everything you eat and drink. In is easier if you have a notebook alongside you every time to write something down in case you forget to maintain your calories. Well, it does not have to A notebook, you can download things from the app store, right?

Secondly, it’s time to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI). You can use a BMI calculator online or just use the chart. In order to get it right, you have to know what your current height and weight is.

Then, as advised by the Association mentioned above, if your BMI score is 27 or above, you need to adhere to a diet of a low-calorie, 800 to 1.400 daily calories. If you have BMI score 30 or above, you will need fewer than 800 calories per day. It is not recommended of you want to cut many calories to get the faster weight loss. You have to be careful, because reaching the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals at low level of calorie is very difficult.

The next step, you need to reduce your daily calories by 250 to 1.000 for 27 or lower BMI score. Do not ever go below the recommended amount of 1.200 or 1.400 minimum calories based on your gender except, your physician told you so.


What about the workout steps?

The first step, do workouts for 20 minutes per day and 3 times a week for a beginner. If you are at moderate level of fitness, start with 30 minutes workouts per day 5 times a week.

The next step is that you need to work or at least do something as long as you feel that you are working. It doesn’t matter what are you working on, just do things and move your body, produce some sweat. Do that daily, minimally30 minutes per day at a moderate intensity. At a moderate intensity, it should make your breathing and hearth rate faster than doing the leisurely stroll. But, don’t be over-exercised.

Thirdly, when your fitness level is going strong, do exercise at high intensity. If you do it higher and longer, you would burn more calories and get your weight loss faster. But, you have to keep in mind that the intensity should not be above your ability. You may get injured from that. When you do workouts at the high intensity level, you may be hard to speak but you should be able to breath fine. It is recommended from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that the duration of the moderate-intensity exercise is 60-90 minutes for five days a week to maintain weight loss. The high-intensity exercise is half that time.


Is it Possible to lose 80 pounds in 4 months?

Yes it is. Those steps might be not specifically told you the exact months to gain the result but it does help you lose weight quickly. Well, it is okay if you want to put some target for your weight-loss program for example, in this case, is 4 months. You have to remember not to over trained yourself, just do it based on your ability and the reasonable low-calorie level.

Well, after all, to lose some weight you need to follow your exercise and eating plan strictly. Remember to always speak to the professional or your personal physician about the diet program you are about to begin. The advice from professional would help a lot. Beside the experts, Family and friends support would be very important too. It would get your motivation going. Also, if necessary, joining a weight loss group can help you stay motivated.