How to Straighten Teeth Naturally

How to straighten Teeth Naturally

Everybody wants a Dazzling smile. They do anything to get the good treatment for their teeth in order to get a perfect smile. The good smile comes from good teeth. One of the treatments that most people use to get nice teeth is using braces. The dental braces help maintaining the arrangement of the teeth. In other words, when you have crooked teeth, the dental braces would make it straight.

Using dental braces help you realign the teeth to be in a proper position. It affects the your overall dental health improvement. You will have your perfect smile back. There are some advantages you can get from using braces for dental correction. You can correct dental flaws and align your crooked teeth. It helps the gum to be straightened too. Braces can also prevent your teeth to be separated. It is highly recommended to use braces at an early ages to get the teeth with zero gaps.

Some people think that using braces might not be a perfect choice for them. There is one major disadvantage of using braces. Wearing braves is so painful for dental patients. They experience discomfort at first time they use it. It is because the braces are made of metal. That metal will result to a dental pain. So, they are searching for alternative ways of teeth straightening without using braces. So, in this article, we would like to share the natural ways to straighten teeth.

So finally, let’s get down to business. Here are two-step strategy how to straighten teeth naturally without braces.

Step One : Upper Palate Alignment

The first one is to align the teeth in the upper jaw by providing the structural support. Because, God has already given us all the tools necessary, all we need now is the information of how to use them. These steps are originally from the studies of Chinese longevity arts in the past 30 years. It is unbelievable but it’s true.

Outside Support

Our lips support the gently pressure for teeth from the outside. The perfect example is the children who suck their thumb for a long time that protruded their front teeth. They need to learn the right habit that is to close the lips over the front teeth. It is critical to do that.

This type of children is habitually breathing through the mouth rather than through the nose. They should change the habit and try to establish it. Closing the lips over the teeth, nose-breathing will put the pressure on the front teeth with lips. It is done to provoke a slow teeth shift back to the proper placement. This habit would be very useful to teach the kid to breathe through the nose that can provide great support to optimal oral health. So, the outside support should be provided.

Inside Support

Providing support from the inside is like finding the right place for your tongue. Most people deal with teeth that falling into the mouth rather than protruding. As found by an expert, that this is the prevailing way teeth get in native peoples not eating the traditional diets of theirs.  It is as if the dental arch is falling down and the teeth are falling into the mouth.

It is easy to provide the slow and gentle pressure to straighten the teeth; you just need to simply rest the tongue where it belongs. Every time you realize that the tongue is not where it belongs, get it back “home”.

Now please follow, place the tip of your tongue on the back of your upper front teeth. While feeling it, start to slowly drag the tongue tip away from the upper front along your upper palate. In the process, you will feel some bumpy ridges on the way to the soft upper palate. Right now, go back to the front teeth and repeat the step again but this time, feel for the biggest ridge in the upper front palate. It is easily spans at least at the front four teeth. There is a long, thin ditch below this biggest ridge. This is where the tongue blade is meant to sit. Tongue blade is the leading edge. In the very middle of the tongue blade is called the tip. Try placing the tongue tip in this main ditch, then let the rest of the tongue blade fill in the rest of the ditch.

After that gentle suction, you have the tongue blade in place. Allow the rest of your tongue to fill and curve the upper palate. The tongue sides gently press outward on your moral roots and the tongue blade gently supports the front teeth outward.

If you place the tongue in the “home” position as the habit, it would support the upper teeth from falling into the mouth.

Step Two : Bottom Teeth Alignment

Supporting the upper teeth in the ideal alignment will make the bottom alignment natural. You can accomplish bottom teeth alignment by using the teeth against the aligned upper teeth. An Expert said that how to keep teeth in alignment is to use them. Chewing a tough meat or other food that take some works to chew would be a great way to train the teeth to help keep the teeth well anchored in the jaw and well-aligned.


Finally, the question remains “will this fix the simple misalignment only? And What about the extreme misalignment? Well, this natural way is fit for simple misalignment but if you have the extreme one, then you have to consider having braces installed. You have to realize, may be if you try the natural way it would take a lot of works in a lot of time, so braces would be the perfect choice in this case.

Although at some point, it might be hard to maintain this step regularly on a daily basis, but if you stay motivated and keep in mind that having a dazzling smile requires hardworking, then you should never stop.