How to Success 21 Days Fix Diet

21 days fix diet

Loosing the weight up to 15 pounds in three weeks?  Why not? it is already buzzing around the globe that says you only need about 21 days to loose so much weight. Google said that this weight-loss trend was the diets topic that searched a lot. It is not only trending on Google, but also on Pinterest. You could see it by yourself.

This diet is called 21 day fix diet. We recommend you to ask the experts about this gimmick of diets. Is this diets really works? Or is it just the same old stuff all over again? Well, here is how it works.

The interesting idea about this diet is that it only takes 21 days to get the satisfying result. This diet was actually created by Autumn Calabrese who is a certified celeb trainer of National Academy of Sports Medicine. What this diet does to you, is to combine your portion control with regular physical activity. Then, you could gain the weight-loos in three weeks.

 The Program

Some people might think that this kind of controlling portions and physical activity is not new. It is just same old diet stuff with a new name. Well, let’s talk more about it.

If you want to join the program, you will be the 21 day fixers, and you will receive color-coded containers. It is used to measure the portions you take. Here’s the list:

  • Green = 8 ounce of vegetables
  • Purple = 8 ounce of Fruits
  • Red = 6 ounce of proteins
  • Yellow = 5,3 of carbs
  • Orange = Two 2,7 ounce seeds and dressings
  • Shakeology cup = 1 cup of shakes

In order to get the right amount for your own needed calories a day, you just have to begin calculating your caloric intake for yourself. Let us show you how to count it. Measure your current weight and then multiply it by 11. After that, add 400 that cover the calories you have to burn on a daily basis during workout. The result of that becomes your calorie intake for a day in order to maintain your weight. So, what if you want to know the amount of calories you need to consume to lose weight? It is easy; you just need to subtract 750.

Based on that number or the intake of the calorie, you could begin to assigns the plan for daily container allowance. Let me give you an example, if your calorie range is between 1,200 to 1,499, you need to provide 3 green containers, Two Purple containers, 4 Red containers, 2 Yellow ones, and an orange containers for a day.

With this guide, it would be so much easier for you to schedule a weekly meal plan. For the 21 day fixers, beside the containers and the eating plan, you will receive 2 workout DVDs along with the exercise schedule. Inside the schedule, there are 7 30-minute daily workouts for a week.

The preparation

Before starting this 21 day fix diet program, you need to follow these steps. You will be convinced to be ready when it is arrived. First, understand what it gives you, what is the effect, does this will work to you. Always discuss what’s best for your health. This Diet program would recommend some recipes you can have in the process of the program, so you can have a variation of tasty meal you could prepare in the colored containers.

Shakeology is recommended to use but it is not compulsory. It is according to you whether you want to have it or not. Shakeology is a famous and high quality meal replacement shake powder. The price is very expensive. Having this in the program might spend a lot of money. But it is a very effective way to lose weight. But, if you want to find the way to be a little thrifty, there is an alternative of the shakeology to improve the weight loss results. You can get the meal replacement shake powder on the market which is not very expensive rather than the original shakeology that has the high price.

The 21 day fix plan comes with the DVDs set of workouts. You will perform seven different exercises in each workout around 30 minutes long. You just need to follow it from your TV. It’s pretty easy to follow, but so pretty hard to handle. The most important thing you need for performing this set of workouts is motivation. You will need it so much. Every move and every Part of the workout is important. Do it, and get the body you want.


The Argument

Although, the containers help you to track your meals, people who don’t like preparing meals ahead of time would be having such a frustrating time. In addition, this plan could also expand the bills because the food would be expensive. You need to be prepared for this, if you do not have problem with this, you can carry on.

What about the workout, it could also become a major problem for the dieters. This plan is requiring workouts every day for three weeks. It surely is frustrating for some people.  Once again, if you don’t have problem with that. You are free to continue. Be prepared for an awesome result.
The Result

This plan might not be the best diet program but there are some proofs around there. Most 21 days fixers are able to lose some weight in three weeks and the results are varied. If you want to have a long-term solution to lose weight, it is better to find the program that is more flexible.

In conclusion, diet program could be very frustrating but it could be followed with the result that you want. 21 days is just the limit for the result of 15 pounds loss, Most 21 days fixers continue this diet after the limit. It is absolutely recommended for you to continue but not for a long-term. Dieting is like living a healthy life, so there’s nothing to lose, right?