It’s Not Fat Lose Water Weight

Lose Water Weight

The reason why people look fat is not only because of the excessive amount of fat, but also because of bloating, overeating, or even water weight. One of them is water weight. It is not really common among other fat problems that make people look fat. And, it does happen and it could add some pounds to the healthy person too.

How It Works

Our body contains water with an estimated 50-60 percent of the total body weight, and the amount we retain fluctuates in responses to the eating habit that we have. For instance, indulging in salty meals can trigger our cell to sop up water like a sponge. In other similar situation, a diet high in sugar would lead to having insulin levels that higher than normal inside the blood. This situation can make the body retain sodium. And when you carb it up, it explains why you feel like you are fat but watery.

How to identify

Figuring out whether you have the water weight or just fat, can help you decide what to do to lose weight. It will help you to choose whether cutting down on calories or managing the water amount of the body. The question that remains is how to find out about it.

You can start by comparing the current weight with the yesterday’s weight. If you gain more than half a pound since yesterday, it is probably a water weight. Then, you can cut down on salt and increase water consumption to reduce it.

If you already kept track of your body fat regularly with the body fat monitor, it would be more precise because you can compare your current weight with the weight from a month ago. If the measurement is greater than before, it is not water weight, just fat. But, if the body fat percentage has decreased and the weight is increased, it is not fat. It’s water weight.

So, if you ask how to get rid of the water weight problems, you are reading the right article. Here are some simple tips to lose any unnecessary water weight.

Drink More Water

Well, I’m pretty sure that at first you thought you need to decrease your amount of water consumption to help you losing water weight, but in fact, you don’t. Actually, if you want to lose water weight, drinking more water is the right way. Yeah right, it’s contradictive with your common sense. But, the biggest thing that cause water weight is not the water itself, it’s because of sodium. When people’s body gets too little amount of water and absorbs too much sodium, the body will keep the water to create balance between sodium and water.

So, the purpose of drinking more water is to get rid of the sodium. Water will help your body flushing the sodium. It will surely get rid of any unnecessary sodium. The amount of water you should drink is based on your normal day water consumption. Just add at least one additional liter of water per day. Sometime it doesn’t help because some people might need more than one additional liter. It’s okay to slowly increase the water intake more and more to get the result you want. Also, if you feel that these tips won’t help you, you may go visit a doctor immediately.

 Produce More Sweat

Sweat and sweat even more. Producing sweat will regulate the body temperature. By sweating, you eliminate sodium ions that make water retention. You should sweat more often to lose excess sodium ions that cause water weight. In order to sweat, it doesn’t have to be working out or exercise at the gym. All methods work as long as you produce sweat; it is including sunbathing and doing sauna.

 Don’t Over-Consume Salt or Salty Products

We all agree that salt gives benefit to our health, but it is just as much as 3-5 gram. If you over-consume it, it may give you water weight and other health problems including osteoporosis and even cancer, it’s little bit too far to mention it anyway, but you get the point that over consume salt may lead to a serious disease. So, adding less salt to your meals and eating fewer products that contains lot of salt like chips, fries, and other foods, will help you losing water weight.

 Add Fiber to Your Diet

Most people that live in rich countries and many bodybuilders don’t get enough fiber and water. Fiber helps you to clean the digestive system as well as keeps things moving smoothly inside your body. It also helps your body to eliminate excess fluids relating to water weight problem. You can get fiber from the richest sources such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, buckwheat, nuts, and oats.

You could get your fiber needs from water-rich products, because many of them are full of fiber. Instead of consuming the products that have no fiber and a little amount of water in their makeup, water-rich products will be a good choice to support your healthy life. Water-rich products won’t make you feel thirsty consuming it rather than the “dry” ones. You can get the additional minerals and vitamins from it, because most of them came from fruits and vegetables.

Be Active and Move your Body

It is a great thing that you train hard to lose your weight and to keep healthy. But, many people move their body only when they are doing workouts, when they are not doing workouts, they stay in prolonged bouts of inactivity such as being a couch potato, staying in front of the desk working, daydreaming, playing with smartphones, etc. That’s the problem right there. Being in the same position like sitting for hours could decrease blood flow. It means that your blood circulation becomes slower than before. It makes less capable of transporting the nutrients through the body. As I said before, train hard is a good thing, but it would be even better if you keep yourself moving even when you’re not exercising. This method would support eliminating water weights from your body.