Procedure of collecting sample for H pylori stool test

h pylori stool test

Helicobacter pylori or h pylori are a kind of bacteria that cause peptic ulcer disease. Theis bacteria will give painful sores in the stomach lining and duodenum. It occurs when the duodenum fluid and stomach is not balance. That is what happens when the H pylori bacteria infected

There are some factors that can increase your risk for ulcers. They are:

– The use of pain-killing drugs like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills. The painkillers such as Aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, etc. are the reason of ulcers.

– If you are an alcoholic, you probably have a high chance of ulcers, because the excessive drinking of alcohol is one of the reasons.

– For a smokers, ulcers can be a big threat too because smoking and chewing tobacco can give you the bacteria.

– There is excessive acid production from gastrinomas.

– It can also cause by the serious illness you are having.

– The radiation treatment to the area where you are in, will give you ulcers too.


Some symptoms of ulcer may or may not occur.

But, when the symptoms occur, these will happen:

– You will feel a burning pain in the upper or middle stomach in the night or between meal times.

– The feeling of bloating, become swollen with fluid or gas.

– The esophagus gets irritated by acid from stomach. It is called heartburn.

– You will feel like you wanna throw up, and then you throw up.

When the ulcer is getting serious, there is other symptom that may occur. The symptoms like dark or black stool (feces), weight loss, upper abdomen pain, and blood vomiting. If your kids have one of the symptoms, the doctor will recommend running a test. The test is called H pylori stool test.

This test will need a sample of stool (feces). It is to determine the presence of the H pylori antigens (the substance which trigger the immune system to fight infection) in your kid’s gastrointestinal system. With the H pylori stool test, the doctor will know whether your kid has the peptic ulcer presence or not.

The abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea, belching frequently, vomiting, and a bloated feeling are the symptoms that indicate the ulcer’s presence. The test will be done after completing a course of antibiotics for the bacteria. It is to determine the eradication of the infection.


The parents need to collect the stool at home before going to the doctor. Two weeks before the test, you have to prevent your kid to consume some medications like antibiotics, bismuth, antacids, and H2 blockers (peptic ulcer medicine).


In collecting the stool at home, you usually get a written instruction from the doctor of how to collect it the right way. But, if your doctor doesn’t provide the instruction for you, you can do it with these tips.

– Do not forget to wear protective gloves when collecting the stool and always wash your hand after doing “dirty” works.

– You can use the some kind of plastic lid that has a hat shape to collect the stool. It is so portable, you can place this thing quickly over a toilet bowl or the bottom of your kid to collect the stool sample. You can reach it easily when your kid feel the bowel movement is coming because some kids can’t always tell their parent when that happens.

– You can also use a plastic wrap for collecting the stool. Just loosely put the plastic wrap over the toilet seat. After that, place the sample in a clean and sealable container to avoid contamination on the way to the doctor’s lab.

– For an infant or toddler who is not yet using toiler, you can use plastic wrap too. Place it where the urine can runs into the diaper not the wrap. The stool should be sterile, so the disposable diaper must not contaminate the stool. It is because the diaper contains antibacterial properties that have the ability to interfere the result of the test.

– Do not urinate directly into the container. Have your kid’s bladder to be empty before a bowel movement.

– Use clean and dry containers that are made of plastic with screw-cap lids. The doctor may ask one or more samples of the stool if needed. Bring the stool sample right after collecting it in order to get the best result. If you can’t make it to the doctor right away, you can refrigerate it first and take it to the lab ASAP.

– In some cases, the doctor or nurse collected the stool sample by putting a swab inside the rectum of your kid.


After done collecting the stool sample, take it to the doctor as soon as possible. And then, in the laboratory, the doctor will take a small amount of stool and put it in tiny vials. Then, the doctor will add some sort of chemical substance along with the color developer.

After that, if the color is blue, it means the H pylori antigens are there, inside your kid’s body. Generally, you will get the result of the test in 1 to 4 days. There are no risks in taking the stool sample, so you do not need to worry.

Taking a sample of stool for test is not hurt at all. You need to tell your kids that this doesn’t hurt, and you will do it carefully. If the kid is old enough, you do not need to collect it for him, just let your kid collect by him or herself. Give them the right instruction.

If your kid is not able to get it by him or herself, you have to do the job. Remember to be careful in collecting it, do it by following the right procedure. If you need more information about the H pylori stool test, just ask your doctor