The Importance of Wearing Retainers for Teeth

retainers for teeth
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Wearing braces will create a beautiful smile. Braces help your kids to overcome teeth problems such as crooked, overlapping, malocclusion, or overcrowded teeth. The use of braces will be very helpful for fixing that. Sometimes, the jaw and tooth problems were caused by accidents, thumb sucking habits, or too-soon losing teeth. It’s often inherited too. So if you have someone in your family needed braces, it seems like your kids will need it to.

Wearing braces might be pretty frustrating and uncomfortable too. Let’s say the doctor told you that you are no longer needed braces. You have to get your braces off because your teeth are already fixed. You do not have to feel the uncomfortable feelings in your mouth. You can eat whatever you want. You can feel the smooth surface of the teeth with your tongue and easily floss. Well, not so fast. There is another treatment following the braces. When the braces off, you will need retainers for teeth.

What is a retainer?

It is a custom-made orthodontic appliance. A retainer is designed to hold your teeth position. You need to settle your teeth into the bone of your jaw and soft tissue which retain them in place, after the braces off. Retainer is usually made of wire and solid plastic. It will keep your teeth from shifting and protect the investment you have in orthodontics.

The use of retainer after braces is very common. Most kids and adults have to wear a retainer once the braces are off. Some other kids and adults wear retainers to close gap in their teeth, or to solve some other certain medical problems. It is worn overnight or longer.

The Purpose of wearing a retainer

There are a some reasons people might need a retainer. People in majority use retainer to help their teeth to be settled in their new position after braces. It’s crucial to wear a retainer to maintain some shifting teeth because of your growing body. The retainer will naturally control the shifting. After take the braces off, your doctor will fit you for a retainer. They will tell you how long and when are you gonna wear that. It can be the night after and wearing it for three months. It is all based on the condition of the teeth.

Wearing a retainer is not always about shifting teeth. It can help many mouth problems. Tongue thrust is one of the medical problems that can be helped by wearing a retainer. It is a condition where tongue sneaks through the teeth when talking. The retainer will keep the tongue from going forward in between the teeth when you talk. Another medical problem that can be helped by retainer is temporomandibular disorder (TMD). It is a result of a bite problem named malocclusion. Grinding your teeth while sleeping can be prevented by wearing a retainer. Because, you probably get a jaw pain or headache from that grinding while sleeping.

Types of Retainers

– Hawley Retainers

It is the most common type of retainer. The design of hawley retainer consists of clasps and wires. The wires are  attached in a thick plastic body. The roof of the mouth is covered by those. There is also the hawley retainer that lies below it. This retainers are named hawley because of the inventor. The inventor’s name is Dr. Charles A Hawley. He named the retainer after him.

– VFR Retainers

This kind of retainer is quite common in some people. It is called a Vacuum formed retainer (VFR). The material is made of a polypropylene or polyvinylchloride. This retainer is also known as Essix. It is invented by Dr. John Sheridan. They are made by taking a cast of your teeth. Unlike Hawley retainers, these retainers are slightly less noticeable. They do not have the life span like Hawleys.

– Fixed Retainers

These retainers are also known as permanent retainers. These appliances are bonded directly to the front teeth backside. It is one the 3 teeth left or center and 3 center right. There retainers are called “fixed” for a reason. So, they cannot be removed. In order to remove it, you need to go to dental professional to remove it.

Those three types of retainers for teeth can be used based on your teeth condition and needs. So, be sure to discuss to your doctor or orthodontist to get the right treatment for your teeth after taking off the braces.

Getting used of wearing retainer

It takes time to takes a new habit for your kids. You have to get your kids to have fun about wearing retainer. It will be easier to get it in their habit. Here are some tips that might be helpful for getting in the wearing a retainer habit:

– For the retainer case, get the bigger carrying case to keep the retainer case in it. The design of the bag should be interesting for your kids. It can be filled with the picture of super hero that he like, or the cute design of their favorite color. Your kids will like it.

– Put some sort of notes in the retainer case. A note can be a reminder for your kids to put their retainer away. It can be fun too.

– Treat it like keys such as keeping it in the same spot, and give the case the bright color. It can’t be misplaced during a busy day.

– Relive the tooth fairy story, it is quite fun for your kids to find a small gift under their pillow when they are waking up in the morning. You can put the gifts under their but for wearing a retainer overnight.