The Most Common Types of Scoliosis Back Brace

scoliosis back brace
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If you ever feel a little jolt of back pain, you will know the immediate discomforts and limitation that get you into the pain. That slight cases of back pain would lead to a medical condition called Scoliosis.

Scoliosis can come from back pain that is caused by overstretched muscles. If you are severing with scoliosis, you might need an orthopedic back brace. It is very helpful to strengthen your body’s core. It also provides you with better posture.

A scoliosis back brace is provided with the lumbar sacral inserts. It is enforced by the flexible straps which bind around the lower back and the belly. The straps wrap around the spot that needs most attention.

Wearing a scoliosis back brace, you can realign your body into the proper upright position. You will get rid of the chance of slouching. The right back brace provides relief in daily activities.


Scoliosis is the condition when you have a curved spine. The curve can be to one side, both side, in a C-shape, or an S-shape. This is the unpreventable condition of back pain that most people suffer. Scoliosis discomforts your entire body because the organ inside tend to be twisted and pushed against.

The impact to lower back cause massive pain. That is why to reduce and get rid of the pain, people with scoliosis wear orthopedic back braces. Back braces can force the spine to be as straight as possible. When that occurs, the pressure which the spine puts on the lower vertebrae will be reduced.

The pressure on lower back affects some joints in your body. It increases the discomfort feeling while doing simple daily activities. If the lower backs are not supportive, you will get a significant increase as you get older. There will be other medical problems related to hip and knee pain, if it keeps going on.

Orthopedic back brace will help a lot. You will feel the change and comfort when using back brace. You will some differences in your postures and you will stay sitting and standing longer than before.

You can’t prevent scoliosis, but you can provide your spin its right path with back braces. In order to correct the spine, it takes time and needs patience and persistence. You can fix scoliosis consistently using orthopedic back braces; you just have to be patient and persistent.

When it’s the time to stop using back brace, our body will not back to the scoliosis position anymore. It will attempt to regain the right posture, automatically. But, it all based on your doctor or orthopedist diagnosed about when to stop using. Orthopedic back brace is a simple way of keeping people’s backs slouch and pain free.

Scoliosis tends to be untreated and unseen by most people. It is because scoliosis tends to happen in teen ages and when they are adult they decide to wear the back brace to support them. Actually, it was supposed to be treated early to get healed quickly. Anyone who needs a back support can wear scoliosis back brace even though they do not have scoliosis.

We now know that there are so many benefits in wearing back braces. However, you need to use the right back brace for you. There are many types of orthopedic back braces you can choose.

You need to choose the braces based on your back condition. You need to talk to your orthopedist about what is the best type of orthodontic back brace for you. For your consideration, here are some types of commonly used orthopedics back brace for scoliosis:

1.Thoraco Lumbo Sacral Orthosis (TLSO)

The most common TLSO brace is called Boston Brace or also known as underarm brace. This brace is custom molded and made of plastic. It applies a 3-point pressure to the curved spot to avoid progression. You do not have to be ashamed of wearing this, because it can be hidden under clothing.

So, you can make it not noticeable. Usually, people wear TLSO brace for 23 hours per day. You can take it off only for swimming and doing contact sports in the day. People who used TLSO brace usually get prescribed for for curvature in the spine lumbar or thoraco-lumbar part.

  1. Milwaukee Brace

It is quite similar with TLSO. What TLSO does not have is the neck ring that held in place by vertical bars that stick to brace body. It is worn usually for 23 hours per day. Just like TLSO, you need to take it off when it comes to swimming or doing sports. It is prescribed when the curve is in the thoracic spine.

  1. Charleston Bending Brace

This brace is only worn while sleeping at night. That’s why it is also known as nighttime brace. This brace is molded when the patient are bent to the side in order to apply more pressure and bend it against the curve. From the procedure of pressure, you will get the brace to be in its corrective action.

It will be a good choice, especially for kids. They will feel confident in the school when they meet and play with friends without their friends know that they have scoliosis and wear braces at night.

This nighttime brace is probably better than the brace you wear for 23 hours a day. However, you must have the 20 to 40 degree range of curves to be treating with this Charleston Bending brace for an effective result.

Sometime, wearing braces did not work out for some people. Some curves of the spine continue to progress after stop wearing braces. It is so hard to diagnose which curves that are more aggressive than the other.

If the curves are still in progress and reaching to 40 to 45 more degrees, you will need a spinal fusion surgery. Go visit the orthopedist to discuss the proper treatment for you. In surgery, you will face some risks that might be crucial for your life. So, discussing what is best for you with your doctor is the perfect thing to do.