The reason to wear retainer for teeth

retainer for teeth
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People need to wear retainer after braces in order to hold the teeth in the new position. If the retainers are not used the teeth will get crooked again. It will happen to your kids also.

The doctor will recommend your kid to wear retainers to hold their teeth in the right position. After the braces are removed, the doctor will replace it with retainers.

Your kids need to wear the retainer for teeth for quite long time. It is based on the condition of your kid’s teeth before braces.



The Period Of Wearing Retainer

It needs quite long time in wearing retainers because reorganizing the bone and all the tissues takes time. The retainers will help to stabilize your bite. Retainers need to be worn immediately after removing braces. It is because the risk of relapse is very high in the first month. To get the perfect stabilization after treatment, it takes up to one year or more. The gaps of teeth before treatment will cause longer retention period. Usually, the period of wearing retainers is the same with the period of wearing braces in the previous treatment.  You have to wear the braces again if your teeth get crooked or back to their original position again.

The Shape of Retainer                  

Because the shape of retainer for teeth is molded based on your teeth and mouth condition, it will fit perfectly. It will be designed especially for the person to prevent teeth from getting back to the previous position. It can be such kind of fixed wired that is bonded at the front teeth back.

Based on your condition, the doctor or orthodontist will decide what is the best retention plan is for you. There are retainers that are used in a full time of day and there are also retainers that are worn only at night for sleeping. If the retainers are only worn at night during sleep, it must be the removable one. The plans are that you will wear full-time retainers in the first 6 months; and then after that, you can only wear that at night. Other retainers can also be worn full time for a week or so, and after that only at night. It lies on your doctor decision and diagnosis.

Keeping retainers clean and safe            

If you wear removable retainers, you should take it out while eating, and doing contact sports. Brushing teeth can also disturb the retainers, so you’d better taking it out. You have to clean the retainers regularly. You can clean it by removing it and then brushing it in tap water using a toothbrush and toothpaste. But, it is highly recommended to clean the retainers using the retainer cleaners for removable retainers that you can buy from the stores. Put it back on your teeth after your teeth are already brushed clean. It is important to remove and install your retainers by following the right instruction that is given by your orthodontist.

Keep your the removable retainers for your teeth or your kid’s teeth in the safest place possible. The safest place will be in the mouth. Well, when you are not wearing the retainers, you have to always keep it in a box. Do not wrap it in a tissue paper, there will be a high risk of losing them.

If your kids need to wear a retainers you should treat them right based on the instruction given. Wearing retainers can affect the daily life of your kids. It is because the appearance of retainers is quite visible. There is a wire that holds the front teeth. So, people will know that there is something on the teeth at the first glance they see it.

Daily Life Effects

If your kid’ removable retainers is on his upper jaw, it will take a couple of days to get used to it. The first time wearing it will make your kid quite hard to talk properly unless your kid is wearing the fixed one. There is also more saliva production in the mouth. Don’t worry about that because those are normal with new retainers.

For the removable retainer user, do not forget to always bring the box for keeping the retainers every time you remove them. For the fixed retainer users, you need to brush the back of your teeth a lot more. Brush your teeth all over the wire to get rid of the calculus that is formed.

3 Most Common Retainers

There three most common retainers you need to know for references.

The first one is called Hawley retainer.

It is a retainer that is made of bendable wire and plastic or sometime acrylic. The wire will be all over the front teeth. The plastic or acrylic is perfectly molded to fit in the mouth. There are various colors and styles available. There nothing to feel ashamed about when wearing a retainer that can be stylish. It is some kind of removable retainer. Many people did not choose this retainer because it is very noticeable.

The second one is called Essix Retainer.

It is also made of molded plastic. Unlike Hawley retainer, many people like this removable retainer because it is less noticeable, thanks to an invisalign aligner there.

The third one is named permanent bounded retainer.

It is a fixed retainer that stays in the mouth all the time. As I said before, the doctor would first recommend you to wear this permanent bounded retainer or fixed retainer before wearing the removable ones like essix and Hawleys.

The expected result after treatment

So, what happens after the retention treatment is over? Let’s answer it with some elaborations. Tooth is like bone. A broken bone can be healed. It is because bone has a capacity to remodel for a lifetime. Between 20 to 50 years of age, teeth will continue to push forward. It makes the lower front teeth get crowded. It might be because of the previous orthodontic treatment you have or some other things. Wearing removable trainers will be very helpful to avoid late crowding risk. It can be worn only at nigh but for a longer period of time. Fixed retainers can be kept for 5 years or more.

For adults, wearing retainers in sleeping at night can be for the rest of their lives. It is done to keep the teeth in the perfect alignment.