Understanding Anger Management For Teens

Anger Management For Teens

Before we begin talking about anger management for teens, first thing to know is what the anger management itself is. Anger management is the process of learning to recognize signs of becoming angry. Anger management is also taking action to calm down and dealing with the situation positively. It does not try to keep encourage you to hold in your anger. Anger is a normal thing; it will become an healthy emotion when you know how to express your anger appropriately. That is what anger management is all about; you learn how to control your anger. You can actually learn the skills of anger management on your own from online reading, books, or other resources. Many people choose to take an anger management class to get the more effective result. But in this article, we will show you some of the tips you can do for yourself or apply it for your daughter or relatives.

The popular saying said that “anger is only one letter short of danger”. It sums up the detrimental anger effect. The teenage when combine with anger, it could become a nightmare for some people. The angry teenager will give the destructive effect of anger. For parents, anger management will be one of the most challenging things you may be facing from your teenager. There are some tips you could follow in order to help you manage your teenager’s anger better. The tips would reveal after the explanation of teenager’s psyche.

Here is the answer why teen gets so angry:

  1. Metamorphosis

Teenage is the age of metamorphosis. It is an age of physical and psychological development and the changes of hormonal. The metamorphosis can create so much confusion which lead them to anger. The teenagers who once obedient and now not be seen within the reach of their parents. They slowly flies out of their comfortable cocoon and be more independent. That will be confusing for them. The transition of getting independent from being dependent earlier will make their brain confused. They need some space, the parents need to respect the face that they are growing up.

  1. Differently-developing brain

There are 2 pivotal human brain parts that develop in 2 different speeds in teenage years. When one part of the brain is fully developed, the other brain parts is gonna be still developing. These 2 pivotal brain parts help teenager make decisions of life. The brain part that is fully developed holds emotions like happiness, love, anger, etc. The brain part that is lagged behind is the one that helps the teens understand the difference between good thing and bad thing. That is why teenagers gets angry a lot, because they do not know that anger is bad for them and everyone around them.

  1. Being Aggressive and Violent

If the teenager is continually angry, violent or aggressive, and frustrated, you will always be fearful. As a parent, you will be really worried about your teen. A boy teenager tend to show the anger physically like kicking doors, throwing objects or punching walls, while a girl teenager tend to express the anger verbally. It is a very bad news for a single mom when she has a teenager that has an aggressive and violent behavior.


Well, realizing that anger is perfectly normal is a key. It is a natural emotion and nothing is wrong about it. What matter the most is to control it to be expressed in the right way. You need to know how to deal with the anger from the teenagers you have. Here are few tips on dealing with teens’ anger management. It will be very helpful in managing the anger better.

– Don’t burst out against the angry teenager. Bursting out is never gonna be the solution. You need to avoid the aggression in every way when dealing with teenager. Aggression versus aggression is never be good. You need to help your teenager understand that venting out the anger is good.

– You need to tell them that an anger is not a power. Most teens think that anger helps them gain power and respect. They see their elders angry a lot makes them think that it is authoritative. But the fact is that anger only makes teenager powerless not stronger. In dealing with them, you have to monitor the way you conduct yourself in front of them. Learn what you see.

– Do not suppress the anger of the teens. Anger management is not about it. It is more about knowing the feelings and emotions then expressing it the right way. Tell your teenager that being abusive both physically and verbally is no way of expressing anger. Be constructive in putting forward your point. Getting the other person see through the point is the idea.

To support the steps you could apply to your teen in order to manage their anger, there are some media or activities you can do for with your teens. The team building activities are very helpful for teens who struggle to manage their anger. They will learn about the anger and try controlling it. Here is one of the activities of anger management for teens you can do with your teenagers:

The activity is called Hidden Heart

You will need a paper, a pencil or pen, one large and one small deflated balloon, thin pieces of ribbon, and permanent marker. All of those things are required for each member of the team. First, ask the team members to write any of their past angry experience on a paper and then put it in the small balloon. Keep the small balloon inside the larger one. Write something outside the larger balloon; add some humor on it to hide the pain. After that, tell them to burst the ballons together. They can share what they have on the paper if they are comfortable with it.

There are more activities you can do in order to support the anger management. You can find it online or if necessary joining the anger management class is probably the best thing you could do.