Wearing a back brace for scoliosis and some other options

back brace for scoliosis
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There are 3 people in 100 people who have some form scoliosis. Scoliosis is a medical condition of a person that has a sideway curve in their spine. It is usually in “S” or “C” shaped curve. The curve can increase over time but in some condition the curve degree is stable. In most cases, the cause of this scoliosis is unknown. The doctor believed that it is involved a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

Generally, the small curves do not make problems. It can be visible and discomfort when the curve gets severe. When it feels really severe, the breathing and heart will be affected too. When the severity increases more and more, it would damage the joints of the spine. For an adult, this will be very painful.

It is hard to predict and diagnose scoliosis, it’s like some sort of medical mystery, especially the idiopathic scoliosis which is the most common one. The development of scoliosis can be based on the genetic. It can run in families. So, if you have a family with scoliosis, there is other member of the family that will or already has it too. In most cases, there are more girls who have scoliosis than boys.

If you have a child who has scoliosis, you need to give them some treatment to fix that. The treatment they take should be based on their age and how severe it is. There 4 treatment options you could choose to take. There are observation, casting, bracing, and surgery.


If you have a child is very young in age. Treatment is not always necessary. The children’s condition often fixes itself as they grow. So, there is no need of treatment when that happens. However, if the curve does not fix itself, it is very important to call the specialist to monitor your child carefully. Because, if it is not fixing itself as they grow, the internal organs will have their space reduced. Some specialist would offer a regular X-rays. It monitors the curvature to see the improvement.  You can see it in the X-rays whether it stays the same or gets worse.


Using a cast can be a good choice for a child who is under two years of age. With cast, the spine will be guided during growth in order to fix the curve. A cast is an external brace that is made of plaster and modern casting material. It is installing to the trunk. The cast is needed to be worn constantly. It cannot be removed, but it is regularly changed for remodeling and allowing growth.

The cast will be changed every 2 or 3 months. It is done with the aim of gradually straightening the spine. In order to do this, you need to be under anesthetic to lose the pain. After the treatment, some kids may need to use another brace that can be removed or removable.


Wearing a back brace is crucial when the condition of the curve is getting worse. With the back brace, your kid’s spine will be maintain while he is growing. You need to know that wearing a back brace is not gonna cure scoliosis. It is also not gonna fix the curve. With the back brace, the curve is not gonna get worse anymore.

Although the use of back brace for scoliosis will give some benefits to the users, some doctors and specialist do not recommend it. The doctor will need to fit the brace carefully to your kid’s spine. The cast have to be removed from the back. In order to do all of that, the kid has to stay overnight in the hospital.

There are some kinds of braces available. You can have the braces that are made of rigid plastic or the one that is flexible. Generally, the modern braces are designed to be unseen under loose-fitting clothing. A Back brace is worn all day; it is only removed for showers or baths. Wearing a back brace for scoliosis is not a reason not to do normal activity daily including non-contact sports. The brace needs to be removed when it comes to contact sports and swimming.

Doing a regular exercise or workout is an important thing to do for the kid who is wearing back brace. It can turn the uncomfortable brace into the comfortable one. The body of children does not stop growing until they are around 16 or 17 years old. It means that they need to wear it for a quite long time. It can only be removed permanently when they are 16 or 17 years old.


When the condition of the curve is severe and the body is not growing anymore, it is recommended to do corrective surgery. The surgery type is based on the age of your child.

For younger children that are around 10 years old, the operation is done to insert growing rods. The rods will allow for continued controlled spine growth and fix the scoliosis. After that, your child needs to return to the specialist every four to six months. The specialist will lengthen the rods to keep up with the growth of your child. Your child need to stay overnight in the hospital for it. Finally, when it seems like your kid stop growing, the rods can be removed.

For teenagers whose spine stop growing, a spinal fusion operation may be carried out. You have to keep in mind that this is one of the major kinds of operation. In this operation, your spine will be straightened using metal rods that are stick with screws, hooks, and wires. To fuse the spine in place, the bone grafts are used. If this metalwork do not cause any problems, it should be left in place permanently. Because this is a major operation, it will include Intensive care unit or high dependency unit. After the operation is done, your child will recover for school in a few weeks. And then in a few months, he can play sports. Your child will be fully recovered in about a year.